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Saturday, February 23, 2013

What Would the Flowers Say?

Ahhh, flowers! It seems that I've been surrounded by their beauty forever but it was not until I was older that my appreciation for them grew. When I was little I had entered a flower arrangement into some contest, I think it was at our church.  I don't remember how I submitted the arrangement but I put a bunch of Pansies into my Charlie Brown thermos. I also remember my Great Grandfather taking me out into his garden and telling me the different names of flowers (Pansies were one of his favorites).  My Grandfather had a love of Hydrangeas, our house back at the Cape has several varieties (mainly traditional blue) but last year my husband and I added a green and white variety when we got married.  Even when we walk around the block with kids from work or when I use to babysit (eons ago) I will often point out flowers to the children.  I often head to flower tours when I have time to see what plants other people find attractive and long for a true English garden.  I envy the flower arrangements on the TV show Downton Abbey.  Oh, to be able to just go outside and cut my own flowers.  It's never too late to stop and smell the roses.

My wedding bouquet that I picked that morning using flowers from our garden.

Enjoy the weekend!

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