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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Two of Us - (formerlyTogetherness)

You live in the same house but still have a hard time doing things together- one is always running errands or someone has to do some extra work over the weekend.  One of my goals before the baby comes is to do more things together- just Nigel and me.  Well those plans didn't quite work out this weekend but we did do a lot together and I have to say, I had a lot of fun.  Saturday we worked on taxes- yippee.  I hate taxes, luckily Nigel is good at them. (think of a toddler falling on the ground when they don't get what they want, that's me) The crossword puzzle.  Then we went to the grocery stores.  I say stores because I usually need to stop at many places because one place does not have everything we need. Trader Joe's and Whole Foods were the two where we made stops.  Making his and her pizzas for dinner followed our trip.  Can you guess who made each pizza?  Sunday, we made breakfast  (Nigel heated up the quiche I made yesterday and I had whole grain banana pancakes). Okay two different breakfasts but the point is we ate together.  Later, we ran to IKEA (unsuccessful trip) and Costco.  Then to top off our trip we headed to Cold Stone.  Though ideas for doing something together may not always go how you want, you still enjoy the little moments, the talks and just being together.


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