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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

If the Shoe Fits....

Found this on British Vogue

"THE Duchess of Cambridge will choose footwear's new shoe designer of the future next week, when she picks her favourite style from designs created by six De Montfort University footwear design students. The chosen student will then be asked to create a pair for the royal to wear." Here are some of her choices:

click here to view the full list:

Tuesday Tunes- We're Cooking Now

I'm making a vegan chocolate cake for a potluck lunch at our school tomorrow, so cooking/baking is on my mind.  Hence the following songs...

I was looking for the version by Bing Crosby and Bob Hope but this is just as good. Take a guess as to why...

Just had to put this song up...

And last...

Monday, February 27, 2012

Words Can be Very Powerful

While on my favorite past time social board,, I started pinning quotes. You see them every where. These inspirational words that keep you going, help you to make a change or to be that change. Here are some of my favorite quotes that I've pinned. These words are from a variety of people, some famous and some not so famous but each means something to me.

Source: via Kerry on Pinterest
Source: via Kerry on Pinterest

Say What?! Commenting

Hi Everyone,

First, I want to thank you all for reading my posts.  I love the response and support!!  I started this just to share things that I found interesting whether its photos, recipes or whatever.  I had started reading other people's blog and was so inspired that I thought, "I could do that."  I didn't want to follow one topic, it's just not me (and if you know me personally you know I tend to have a little interest in a LOT of things).

A friend asked how they could leave a comment without going through all the rigamarole of signing up for a google account, etc..  I think if you click on the box stating "comment as" and scroll down to "anonymous", it should work without having to sign up for all that extra stuff.  Let me know.  If not, I may open a page on FB where people can leave comments.

Thanks for reading!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Capturing the Week

 Added items to our art center
 A ladybug was found in the classroom and two children created a home for it on the light table.

 This was where the ladybug would play.  
 Writing a letter to a friend.
 Sometimes you just need to fly!
IMAG0827 - Peter,Grunge.jpg
STOP and Enjoy Life    2/21/12

Popular Pins

These are some of the more popular pins from my boards on  

Friday, February 24, 2012

This is sooo Long...

The other day, one of my students asked why I always wear long skirts (of course, the answer I gave her was "because I like them"). But the real reason... I think long skirts are so much more dramatic and sensual than short. Yes, a short skirt shows off your legs but a long skirt leaves a man guessing what those gams look like. Its especially fun to wear one on a date and go for a walk on the beach. When it comes time to run away from the waves or jump off a low rock, you just pick your skirt up ever so slightly... Yes, I'm in love with long skirts and now you know why.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

25 Random Things

Again, saw this idea on another blog, Twenty-five random things...

1. I will never ever, ever, get gel nail polish again. Yes, I loved the look and that I could clean that night and not worry about it coming off.  But it DOESN'T come off!! Totally ruins your nails.

2. My dog is a whiner.  And so was I (am).

3. I have about 40 nail polishes and wear only 4 of the colors.

4. I own about 10 scarves and wear the same 2 all the time.

5. I have 10 pairs of mittens/gloves and I live in San Diego.

6. I love Autumn and Winter but rarely ever see these seasons.

7. I love orange cauliflower and purple carrots.

8. I like it when Wilbur sighs, it's such a funny sound.

9. I wish I could travel with my sister again to Europe.

10.  I feel at home in London but have only been there twice.

11. I love the Cape.  It will always be home for me.

12. I HATE running but plan on participating in the Falmouth Road Race.

13.  I've been engaged twice but never married. Luckily, I came to my senses about those guys.  We would probably be divorced or miserable.

14. Someone asked me to run away with them to Italy when I was in college.  It was during the Gulf War and he was afraid there may be a draft.  At first, I thought it would be fun but the thought of never seeing my family stopped me.  And also the realization that maybe I didn't love him.

15. I was a heavy metal chic.

16. My hair has been various colors over my life time.

17. I've already told my family what 2 songs they need to play at my funeral, just in case something happens.

18. I truly believe that my late great-grandmother woke me when my dishwasher caught on fire in 2007.

19.  I lived with a guy for 10 years and NEVER had a relationship with him.  Or for that matter, barely even talked to him.

20.  I like to go on ghost walks when I visit a new city.

21.  I want to own chickens someday and have a vegetable garden.

22. I'm still friends with my best friend from childhood and wish she lived closer so that we could talk more.

23.  I still know two of the students that I taught 14 years ago and still hang out with them.  I never taught their siblings but love them just the same.  All 4 are taller than me.

24. I'm friends on FB with my very first boyfriend.  My first crush was on Ronnie Tebo, then Lee Mogavaro, then Alden Stark.  Alden used to draw pictures for me.

25. I hate getting up early, though my alarm clock goes off at 5:20 am.  And I have yet to see the sun actually rise because I'm usually in the shower or something is blocking my view.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More Tuesday Tunes

This past weekend, My Mum and I headed over to Orange. Now if you have never been to this quaint little town you need to go soon. This is the quintessential little town. The center of town is surrounded by old Victorians and Craftsman houses. This is one of the town's I could settle down in and call home. But the houses are the only thing that's fantastic about this town, its the antique stores and there's plenty of them. I headed over to one where I always buy my records. I've picked a song from each album for you to listen. Enjoy!

The first is Pearl Bailey's More Songs for Adults Only. Located on the record is "Performance of this album RESTRICTED from TV and radio." And they weren't kidding! Youtube does not carry anyone of her songs on this particular album. So here's another from her...

The second was Harry James You Made me Love You.

I also bought Nat King Cole Sings/George Shearing Plays

The last, Dino With orchestra conducted by Frank Sinatra Sleep Warm. Again couldn't find the song I really wanted so you get the next best thing. (Check out the advertisement on his the bottom of his shoe)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Mix it Up!

Every teacher knows that children LOVE to mix paint.  You put out jars of paint, each with its own paintbrush, paper on the easel or table, explain to children how to use the paint.  And lo and behold when you come back, every paint jar is a hideous puke brown. A few years back (Ok, when I became more inspired by the Reggio Approach), I went to a workshop where I was informed on how to teach children to care for paint.  Tell them they are an artist.  Whoa, what an idea! Think about an artist- Van Gogh or Matisse will do.  Did they have 700 jars of paint each containing one paint brush? No! They had a jar of various sized paint brushes, a container of water, and a towel to dry the brush off.  Along with several tubes of paint.  Well, the tubes of paint may not work well with 3 year olds but you can show them this technique- paint, swish (in water container), and dry.  It takes time but so worth the effort.  When children have a choice in the size of paintbrushes, you'll be amazed at what they can paint.  Try it :)

Select color
Clean and Dry
(repeat process)
Now try this... going back to the child's love of mixing paint.  The other day in our class, children created their own shade or tint of blue.  Each child requested a certain amount of blue paint, black paint and white (I let them choose between 1-5 teaspoons of blue).  It surprised my at how each child requested a different ratio, even if they were sitting next to each other! For instance, one child chose 3 scoops of blue and 3 scoops of white.  Another child, 5 scoops of blue, 3 scoops of white and 4 scoops of black.  Since this was the first experience, I put the colors into the jars but gave them a paint brush to mix the color.  After each child (or whoever showed an interest) created a color, they then named the color.  Children were so creative, some names were: Poisonous, Bella, Yes and one was even named after another child whose favorite color is blue.  A few children just couldn't think of a name and that was fine also.  We took whatever they said, IDK (aka I Don't Know) and I Can't Think of a Name.  Both of the children still felt accepted and were so happy with the names they chose.

Now you may be thinking, "Why does each jar (in the first photo) have its own paintbrush when she just said have a jar of paintbrushes?"  These were right after each child mixed their colors.  You may have also noticed that the jars are baby food jars.  What?! Glass in the classroom?!  Lol, yes, we use real glass in the classroom.  Yes, jars have dropped, the children know to stand back while we clean it up but truthfully we feel that the children are capable in handling this material.  And they do. In the past 5 years where I have been using glass in the classroom, I've only lost 3 jars and that was mainly because they slipped out of my hand during cleaning.  

If you try this in your class let me know how it goes and if you (or the children) come up with any other ideas.  Enjoy!
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