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Friday, February 24, 2012

This is sooo Long...

The other day, one of my students asked why I always wear long skirts (of course, the answer I gave her was "because I like them"). But the real reason... I think long skirts are so much more dramatic and sensual than short. Yes, a short skirt shows off your legs but a long skirt leaves a man guessing what those gams look like. Its especially fun to wear one on a date and go for a walk on the beach. When it comes time to run away from the waves or jump off a low rock, you just pick your skirt up ever so slightly... Yes, I'm in love with long skirts and now you know why.


  1. HELLO THERE! MY goodness, what great ideas for fashionistas of any age!!!!

    AND THAT GORGEOUS BUCKET OF ROSES IS YOUR MUM'S WORK?????? MY GOODNESS please allow me to properly cite her. I found it on Pinterest.....Anita

  2. THANK YOU FOR HER NAME! I will look her up! Anita

  3. I love long skirts because they are just so flowy! -Holly


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