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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Tuesday! Love and Tunes

A friend and I drove by a local florist and noticed a mob of people buying flowers, both of us started laughing because we had the same thought: what the heck is going on? Quickly, we realized what day it is; Happy Tuesday!!! What a great way for people to celebrate Tuesday. I never knew so many people felt that this day was so special. Can't wait until next year... Happy Thursday!
But for those of you who do like this day and feel the need to show your love only one day a year some of this is for you; while the other bits are for all those who are celebrating, Happy Tuesday!
Source: via Kerry on Pinterest
Love ya, Babe    2/6/12
Valentine Bench Monday


This is a picture a little girl in my class drew last year around Valentine's Day.
The story goes like this: Scene 1. "Cupid shoots an arrow threw their hearts and they both fall in love."
When I asked her about the second drawing she answered, "Then they get married." We noticed the Dad with a baby on his back. "Tell us about this.. "The baby is so big that it's breaking his back! That's why he's crying." Teacher- What is the Mummy doing?   "She is laughing at Daddy!" See not all little girls believe in "happy ever after...."

And I'll end with one of my favorite love songs...

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