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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More Tuesday Tunes

This past weekend, My Mum and I headed over to Orange. Now if you have never been to this quaint little town you need to go soon. This is the quintessential little town. The center of town is surrounded by old Victorians and Craftsman houses. This is one of the town's I could settle down in and call home. But the houses are the only thing that's fantastic about this town, its the antique stores and there's plenty of them. I headed over to one where I always buy my records. I've picked a song from each album for you to listen. Enjoy!

The first is Pearl Bailey's More Songs for Adults Only. Located on the record is "Performance of this album RESTRICTED from TV and radio." And they weren't kidding! Youtube does not carry anyone of her songs on this particular album. So here's another from her...

The second was Harry James You Made me Love You.

I also bought Nat King Cole Sings/George Shearing Plays

The last, Dino With orchestra conducted by Frank Sinatra Sleep Warm. Again couldn't find the song I really wanted so you get the next best thing. (Check out the advertisement on his the bottom of his shoe)

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