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Thursday, February 23, 2012

25 Random Things

Again, saw this idea on another blog, Twenty-five random things...

1. I will never ever, ever, get gel nail polish again. Yes, I loved the look and that I could clean that night and not worry about it coming off.  But it DOESN'T come off!! Totally ruins your nails.

2. My dog is a whiner.  And so was I (am).

3. I have about 40 nail polishes and wear only 4 of the colors.

4. I own about 10 scarves and wear the same 2 all the time.

5. I have 10 pairs of mittens/gloves and I live in San Diego.

6. I love Autumn and Winter but rarely ever see these seasons.

7. I love orange cauliflower and purple carrots.

8. I like it when Wilbur sighs, it's such a funny sound.

9. I wish I could travel with my sister again to Europe.

10.  I feel at home in London but have only been there twice.

11. I love the Cape.  It will always be home for me.

12. I HATE running but plan on participating in the Falmouth Road Race.

13.  I've been engaged twice but never married. Luckily, I came to my senses about those guys.  We would probably be divorced or miserable.

14. Someone asked me to run away with them to Italy when I was in college.  It was during the Gulf War and he was afraid there may be a draft.  At first, I thought it would be fun but the thought of never seeing my family stopped me.  And also the realization that maybe I didn't love him.

15. I was a heavy metal chic.

16. My hair has been various colors over my life time.

17. I've already told my family what 2 songs they need to play at my funeral, just in case something happens.

18. I truly believe that my late great-grandmother woke me when my dishwasher caught on fire in 2007.

19.  I lived with a guy for 10 years and NEVER had a relationship with him.  Or for that matter, barely even talked to him.

20.  I like to go on ghost walks when I visit a new city.

21.  I want to own chickens someday and have a vegetable garden.

22. I'm still friends with my best friend from childhood and wish she lived closer so that we could talk more.

23.  I still know two of the students that I taught 14 years ago and still hang out with them.  I never taught their siblings but love them just the same.  All 4 are taller than me.

24. I'm friends on FB with my very first boyfriend.  My first crush was on Ronnie Tebo, then Lee Mogavaro, then Alden Stark.  Alden used to draw pictures for me.

25. I hate getting up early, though my alarm clock goes off at 5:20 am.  And I have yet to see the sun actually rise because I'm usually in the shower or something is blocking my view.

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  1. KERRY!!!!!! I loved reading your information here! You have lived an interesting life, and isn't it wonderful really, that is shapes who we are and who are not? YOU LIVE IN S.D.? I am originally from WHITTIER CALIFORNIA and frequented S.D. many many times.

    TELL ME WHICH PHOTO on my post is your mum's???? I must give her credit!

    And thank you for your kind words. Have a great day! Anita


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