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Monday, January 21, 2013

Why yes, I'm Pregnant!

The other day when I had got out of my car to ask the Park Ranger a question, Nigel had the distinct feeling that a woman, who was watching me, questioned for a moment whether I was fat or pregnant.  No, I am pregnant.  Unless, the kicks and turns I feel are caused by some very bad Chinese food, I am pregnant.  Like some women, I enjoy being pregnant.  Feeling the baby move, seeing him on the screen during an ultrasound, thinking that Nigel and I will have a child of our own, hearing his heartbeat.  BUT it's all the other stuff that I could live without.  The first three months were characterized by constant progesterone poisoning (or morning sickness) and extreme exhaustion.

Truthfully, at times, I feel that I can not even remember those months because I was so tired!  I do consider myself lucky that my progesterone poisoning was just that, I never did get sick but it is so true that certain foods are definitely a turn off. I remember one night when Nigel made a lovely traditional British dinner (with chicken instead of beef), I couldn't wait to bite into the brussel sprouts, the carrots and parsnips.  And then just as quickly, I couldn't wait to get those items off my plate.  The first and only bite from each produced this horrible sick feeling.  I seriously looked down at my tummy and said, "Baby, brussel sprouts are good for you!"  I was so sad!  Another time, we were eating Chinese food at my family's house and I love chicken Lo Mein.... sadly my stomach did not.  There were many a night, after I woke from a nap where I would text Nigel, "Please bring home some mexican food.  Chicken tacos, beans and rice. Thanks xo"

I think this meal was eaten about once a week. I look at it as a craving.  Food would pop into my head and I just had to have it or I would continuously think about it until I did eat it.  But I'll save this for another post.

I was getting so tired of this and then poof!  It was over, the beginning of the second trimester, I woke one morning to find that I was fine, the poisoning was over or at least my body got used to it and everything was fine.  I wasn't AS tired as I was but still was low on energy.  But then came insomnia, I thought this was suppose to be the easy months!

As time went on, I would try to incorporate yoga into my routine or a walk with a friend. But still just didn't have the energy (plus now the holidays were starting).  But it was the not sleeping at night that started to bother me.  My friend as well as one of the parents from school told me about the Snoogle .  So I order it, it came right when the holiday break was going to start.  I laughed so hard when I pulled it out of the box. It was so big! And when I put it into the bed with us, it was like having a full grown person with us.  There was absolutely no room.  I would have to wait until we got home to our king sized bed. (now I love my snuggle!)  That was when the aching legs would start in the middle of the night.  I did find if I stretched a little before bed it wasn't as bad.  Next came dental problems due to the pregnancy.  Then the stuffed up nose and nose bleeds.... then the acne (well I had this for a while).... the discoloration.....the carpel tunnel or either the tennis elbow because all your joints get loose in preparation for the baby. Then the round ligament pains which I had been feeling since the first trimester.  Then there is the forgetfulness and poor Nigel has had to suffer many a cold night in the house because the hormones are keeping me warm.  I've many dreams where I'm being suffocated only to realize that it's because I have too many covers on.  When I get into bed I'm cold but within a hour or so of sleep all I need is a sheet and a blanket.  What about the endless potty breaks in the middle of the night? And my latest thing is a blocked ear which I found out is also normal in pregnancy. How fun and I'm only in the second trimester.  I can't wait to see what else will come my way.  I mean, I hear mothers say, "I love being pregnant."  SO either my pregnancy is hard or it is true that mothers get pregnancy amnesia.  I like to think its the latter because if we all do have these symptoms, like the books say,  I think our population would have diminished long ago.   So yes, to answer that lady's question, I am pregnant.

Me, on the right, at 17 weeks

Well, I have to go and use the bathroom.... again!


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