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Thursday, January 17, 2013

That Little Thing Called Love

Well, I had no idea it has been so long since I last wrote. Let's see where did we leave off... of yes, I got married over the summer. Ah, it was a wonderful day! Then work started and we had a new group of kids and September is also my birthday!!!

 But let's go back a little. I was having dinner with a friend who told me she was pregnant- I was so excited for her. I was asking her what her symptoms were- as she began telling me that she had sort of felt nauseous, crampy, tired and didn't have much of an appetite. I started thinking about how I was feeling lately- nauseous, crampy, tired and did not have much of an appetite. But I pushed those feelings aside thinking, I was just being a hypochondriac. Later the next week, after feeling completely exhausted I went to Rite Aid and bought a pregnancy test.

 Just as I thought, it was negative. Though my friend's words popped into my head- "I read it's best to do it in the morning." I did mine after I got home from work. Nigel had been on a business trip and got back the next day. I didn't say anything but still the same feelings were with me. Saturday morning, I popped out of bed and proceeded to try another pregnancy test. As I washed my hands I couldn't believe my eyes. POSITIVE!! I ran to the bedroom and told Nigel he had to see something in the bathroom. He turned the corner and spied the test, asking, "Why is there... what does this mean??" He read the package and looked back at me. My heart pounding! Would he be just as excited? We had talked about having children and decided if it happened it happened and if it didn't we'd still be just as happy. I truly couldn't believe my luck. I finally found the person whom I wanted to spend the rest of my days with; I had the wedding that I always dreamed of; and now we were going to have a baby. And the adventure continues! Of course, this was all started long ago but I'll catch you up :)


  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! KERRY!

    This is unbelievable news! THat blogging break you took was indeed a necessary one !!! MY GOODNESS this is fantastic news! You have accomplished quite a lot in the last several months! BRAVO my dear, and I thank you kindly for having come to visit me on your way back to Blogland. WE ARE CHEERING FOR YOU!!! Anita


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