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Friday, January 18, 2013

Fashion Friday for Mums-to-Be

I was so excited to find out that I was pregnant.  The week before I found out, I had just bought some new colored jeans from The Gap, within the month, those jeans and most of my clothes did not fit.  I was trying to hid my pregnancy from my co-workers for the customary first 3 months.  Though as that time wore on, most started guessing! lol!  I usually wore a long tank dress that I got from Target 3 years ago- it was the best buy I've made, a long jersey A-Line skirt, with one of my sweaters by All Saints (the baggy ones).  I had also purchased some other A-line maxi skirts and some large button-down shirts.  I was wearing the same 5 outfits week after week.  FINALLY, I was able to tell and immediately bought some real maternity clothes.  Though truthfully that was hard.  Many clothes looked cheesy or "too maternity-ish", it just wasn't me.  I did find some VERY comfortable maternity skinny jeans which I wear about twice a week, some long sleeve turtle necks (there's a charcoal one that I wear all the time), two pairs of leggings, another pair of black jeans, an orange sweater and two grey sweaters. I change most of these with some of my clothes bought from Free People (the maxi dresses) but since it's been chilly here in Southern California, the leggings, black skirt and sweaters are definitely getting a little thread-bare.  Below are some of my favorites.  Oh! And course, one must think of shoes.  Some of my boots grew too short, for instance, my Frye engineer  boots :(  Can't get my right foot into them.  But luckily, I received the most comfortable boots at Christmas time (see below), as well as the daisy-cut oxford.  These are so comfortable that I don't mind standing on the playground during recess time.  I bought the flats for my husband Holiday party ( we were on a boat and I thought it best NOT to wear a heel).  I had also purchased a pair of tuxedo jeans, and a black shirt both very comfortable.  The red dress was also a gift- and so versatile.  This can be carried over into Spring and Summer.  The LOVE sweater, I saw on a parent at our school who is also pregnant and the Union Jack..... well, I can still shop, can't I?  Enjoy!!

Mama's Clothes

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  1. OOO! AND NOW YOU ARE GOING TO BE SHOPPING FOR NEW CLOTHES! Oh Kerry, thank you for coming by today to comment; yes, it takes a lot of fun hours to scour Pinterest and Tumblr for photos. But the words are not always easy to find. That's poetry for ya! Be well! Anita


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