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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

All For Love...

The other day, some veteran Mums and I were chatting about my pregnancy and their past pregnancies and what they did to make sure their baby was healthy.  It's amazing how someone could love somebody they've never even met and want to do right by them.  I think this is what every mother-to-be feels for their unborn baby as well as Dads.  I know, growing up, my parents did many things that were to better our family.  But when you find out you are pregnant, immediately you want to be a better person for that baby. Many of us give up or cut back on things such as food, caffeine, sugar, etc or start exercising.  For me,  I immediately bought prenatal vitamins, I looked up which was the best and found it at Sprouts (Rainbow Light Prenatal 1).  I was also told right away that I had to give up my 3 cups of morning tea (Ok, I was still able to drink 1 cuppa but it was hard!). Wahhhh!!!

 I also cancelled my hair appointment; if anyone knows me I've been coloring my hair since about 6th or 7th Grade.  There were certain face products and hair products that I stopped using as well as my herbal remedies to stay healthy. (Though I know some I may have been able to still take but I wanted to be safe than sorry).  I did this all because I loved someone whom I've never even met.

It's just the same in marriage.  You want to be a better person for your spouse because you love them and your goal is to be with them for as long as possible.  Your whole world changes when you become a family, where before it was "me," now it's "US".   I know I won't live forever but I'm going to do my darnedest to be around for as long as I can for our child.  During pregnancy, you get all sorts of reminders from your OB/GYN about eating healthy.  And I've found myself rethinking the food I eat.  I LOVE sweets and though I tried not to eat them (which was easy to do in the first trimester) I have to pack something sweet in my lunch or I start snacking and just don't feel fulfilled.  I make my lunch every day- usually consisting of chicken salad with vegan mayonnaise, whole grain crackers, an apple, and then the something sweet. This week it's brownies.  :)  I also include in my lunch bag a bowl of cereal, something with fiber, whole grains and healthy, with mixed fresh berries (blueberries, raspberries and blackberries) more berries than cereal.  This afternoon, when I came home.  I had this for a snack:

But what I really wanted was this:

But I do it because I love someone and want to make sure he gets the proper nutrients that he needs.  And if we're lucky enough, I'd do it all over again.  And I think you would do the same. 


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