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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday Tunes- Unforgettable...

For a while, I was totally put off by Nat King Cole. I think it was the fact that all I ever heard was his song "Unforgettable" everywhere I went. Then, Diana Krall came along and produced a tribute album to Nat. The songs were fantastic but I still would not listen to him sing. Later, a friend was getting married and needed a song for her father and her to dance to; for some strange reason the words, "How about Unforgettable?" came out of my mouth. I couldn't snatch them back and the idea was a winner. But I had to go get the music (which I fibbed I had already). Luckily, back then, I could count on Border's book store. I told my friend that she could keep the cd but she insisted on returning it. Reluctantly,I started listening to the songs, carefully, skipping over "Unforgettable." After that, I was hooked on Nat King Cole's voice. Buying cd's and now records whenever I see them. I still am not crazy about this song but if it comes on I don't skip over it anymore.

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