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Monday, March 5, 2012

There Ain't Nobody Here but us Chickens!

A while back, I came across a British detective show called Pie in the Sky.  A DI who is getting ready to retire and open his own restaurant.  Apparently, he is a chef at heart. Unfortunately, in the first episode we learn that though he does open his restaurant, his old line of work has a bit a different outlook on what he'll be doing.  Anyway, behind his restaurant he raises chickens (he plays Mozart for the chickens so they will lay large eggs); watching this show was when I thought it would be fun to raise chickens in my backyard.  ...I just need to wait until I own my own house.

The chickens I'll have:

The designer coop:

Or perhaps this one:

Here's some more useful information on raising chickens.

And I'm going to end with a song...

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