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Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Closet Full of Clothes....

....But nothing to wear!  Yes, I totally think about this subject way too much when it comes to dating someone; Ok, even when I go to work (during the Winter months, I rely on the same 7 outfits.  When the warm weather hits,  yikes!)  Do I dress casual, sensual, sexy.... not comfortable in that.  This is the problem that I had last night.

The date: miniature golf.  The outfit: ? (hears crickets chirping).  I seriously took 45 minutes to pick out something to wear.  I kept having wardrobe malfunctions- my body.  Just having one of those days.  My date, kindly called before he was leaving to come pick me up, I still had not figured out what to wear.  This is utterly ridiculous!
 Twenty minutes: tear out the long black skirt, converse sneakers and t-shirt? Nope didn't like that.  Eighteen minutes: tear out the gray jean and sweater? Nope....  Fifteen minutes: pull out the regular jeans and a t-shirt.  YUCK!  Thirteen minutes: pull the black jersey skirt out again with a different shirt.  Maybe?...  Yuck!!!!  (sigh...)  My heart starts racing, I'm going to play miniature golf, this should not be this hard!  With 7 minutes to spare, I finally settle for the grey jeans, British flag t-shirt, gray cashmere sweater and gray Gap flats, with the cute bow on the heel, shoes. Satisfied?... No, but I can't give it anymore thought.  Leaving clothes strewn around the floor and bed, (hoping he doesn't need to use the restroom),
I retouch my makeup, feed Wilbur and get my jacket, yes, a jacket on top of all this; the door bell rings.  All I can think is, UGH!  My date: "You look great!"  Awwww, what a guy :)   "Oh, this... I just threw this on."

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