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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Hazards of Being a Woman...

Tight Jeans
Skinny jeans might be the everyday pant for most women, but wearing too-tight pants every day might lead to meralgia parenthetic (MP), a form of itchy, burning, tingling nerve damage on the pelvis and upper thigh. According to Consumer News, skinny jeans are also responsible for bladder infections, yeast infections, dermatitis, blood clots, and a condition called lipotraphia semicircular, when your skin develops depressions due to constant and uneven pressure.

Oversized Purses
We're working ladies with lots to lug around, but upgrading in bag size to accommodate all our daly knickknacks is probably a bad idea. Said family physical practitioner Dr. Jane Sadler to Reuters, "I see so many women with neck pains and headaches and what I usually do is look for their purse and pick it up […] and they're usually anywhere from seven to ten pounds." Extended use of a large, heavy bag may lead to irreversible back, neck, and shoulder problems.

Cheap Jewelry
There's a reason all that fantastic costume jewelry from your favorite high-street shops is so cheap. According to The Ecology Center, more than half of the jewelry found at stores like Claire's, Forever21, Hot Topic, and Wal-Mart contained high levels of hazardous chemicals over the limit of what's safe, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The next time you're thinking of picking up a strand of fake pearls, a fake diamond ring, or a fake silver bracelet, know that you're also buying real cadmium, real lead, and real chromium.

Platform shoes
The phrase might not be "The higher the heel, the closer to God," but it may as well be. Super-high platforms, stilettos, and wedges may give you a boost, height-wise, but anyone who's worn them knows that one misstep, and you can end up with a twisted ankle — or worse. Allegedly, a 25-year-old teacher in Japan died after falling from a 5-inch platform sandal and fracturing her skull, and another Japanese woman died in a car crash when her stiletto-clad foot couldn't get to the brake in time. Yikes.

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