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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The BIG Day

A few years back, I toyed with the idea of changing careers to become a wedding planner.  I had been helping a few friends with their weddings and was making wedding cakes on the side so I thought, well maybe...  I went to a local wedding bazaar, asking other planners for their input and if there were classes that I should take, even bought back issues of the best wedding magazine Martha Stewart's Weddings (anyone needs to admit she knows how to plan a beautiful wedding).  But after some serious thought, I really did not want to leave teaching.  I even tried to figure out a way to do both lol!!  Yeah, like that would have really been productive.  But the thought of not working with children and seeing the world through their eyes, their natural curiosity, and their joy, I couldn't do it.  I still flip through MS's Wedding books and check out her website.  Earlier this year, one of my best friends got married so this started the ball rolling for me again.  I was one of the bridesmaids and we needed ideas for the bridal shower.  The group met up at a local bookstore, thought of ideas and when I got home I started scanning the internet for more.  That was when I came across which made it easy to keep photos of the ideas in one place.  Though the wedding is done and over, I still get a thrill when I find a fab wedding idea so I thought I would share some with you.

First, I'm going to share THE best wedding photo I've ever seen. Suggest this to your photographer- it's heaven!

This is another good idea

Now let's move onto the place. For me, without a doubt a wedding held in a barn is so fun. The rustic elements around you while everyone is dressed up, certainly makes a statement.

The sustainable wedding bouquet

The shoes- every bride needs a new pair for the day.

Those little details- these are ideas that I just have to share.
Source: via Kerry on Pinterest

Source: via Kerry on Pinterest

I purposely left dress ideas out because, to me, that it very personal and who am I to pick out what you should wear.  If you want more fabulous ideas try

Enjoy and Congratulations!

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  1. Good morning Kerry!

    Oh, it was a tough decision for me to leave my teaching job. And when I will tell my students (on the last day of school) that they will see me next year as a French speaking substitute, that we can reconnect. With RTI and other changes that were too much for my health to bear, I had to stop. I cannot keep up. HIGH STAKES test scores and the race to stay at the top just are not for me. If things were just as they were only 7 years ago when we had just our homerooms, I would have never thought about leaving. But for the last two years we all have 52 kids and on top of that, we French teachers are also teaching English which is as high stakes as the math. No thank you. If we could only TEACH the children...but you see? I am not a teacher for these times. I am old fashioned. I believe in embracing those kids with all your might, but when one is spread so thinly, it is impossible, at least for me.



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