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Monday, April 2, 2012

More About Me

I saw this on someone's blog and since I love these things.... 


2.  "Eat that and your hair will get curly."
3. Jamie Oliver

6. My Week with Marilyn
7. toss up between Indian and Chinese

8.Soft Lips   4/19/11

9.Chocolate Chip Cookies   3/19/11 
10. Classic pie in the face
11. Olive green with white trim
13. Black sweater, black pants, Dr. Martin boots


15. currently, Game of Thrones
17. New York, Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, Massachusetts, Washington DC, Washington, Louisiana, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Nevada, Italy, France, Spain, Mexico, England, Ireland, Scotland
18. When Harry Met Sally
19. Wicked!
20. 17
21. Glen (I don't consider the last one a boyfriend)


23. (hate is so harsh but..he is a terrible man)  Frank Lorenzo

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