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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Days of School

  I need to apologize for my absence for the last few months.  But I'll get around to that later.  Anyway, last week was the first day of school for us.  Just like the children, teachers get just as nervous about the upcoming.  What kind of class will they be?  Will they like me?  Can we work together towards a common goal?

Like in the past, I set my alarm earlier than normal.  And just like the past (this includes when I went to school) I was anxious about starting the new year which resulted in very little sleep.  Once dressed and bags packed, I head to school.  Even though the kids won't arrive for another 40 minutes, I feel as if I'm late.  As I talked with my team teacher, a teacher from the next room calls us in.  She asked me to write a wish on a piece of paper.  I totally draw a blank on what I want (most of my wishes have come true earlier in August).  I finally write down, "I wish for a peaceful school year."  The other teachers and I roll our wishing paper up, standing it on end.  Suddenly, one of their kids enters the classroom.  Quickly and too my surprise, she sets the paper on fire!  And to my amazement, it floats effortlessly to the sky in a puff of smoke.  Will my wish come true?  We'll see, it's still early (but so far, so good).  I want to wish all the other teachers out there a peaceful and bright school year!  Good luck!

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