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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Five Things About Maui

As with any vacation, one finds places or things that they love and how could you not find something to love in paradise?

Shaved ice (don't call it a snow cone!) from the Local Boys.  I tried one of their signature combo called The Big Daddy and then one of my own creation- lime, watermelon and strawberry.  Yummm!  Make sure you asks for the roselani ice cream.

OK, who could pass up a sunset in? This was from our hotel window. 

OK, these Egrets were everywhere!  I know I've seen them before but I seriously fell in love with them here.  It's so funny how they "walk" by thrusting their head.

The bamboo forest heading up to Waimoku Falls.  To hear the chiming sounds of the breeze blowing the bamboo was quite remarkable.  The hike up to the falls is only 2 miles. I recommend getting there early because, believe it or not, the forest is so thick that by 3:00 pm it is dark under the canopy. 

And last but definitely not least, make it a "must stop" on your list for Maui and try one of the shrimp plates from Geste's food truck. TRUST me, this truck looks totally sketchy and the chefs even more, but, OMG, they make one mean plate of shrimp. Grab plenty of napkins.  And the crab macaroni salad is absolutely fabulous.  My boyfriend and I stopped here after we landed in Maui (about 10:00 am) and ordered the spicy pineapple and spicy plates.  As we sat in the car admiring the sight before us and the delightful smell, I dug in and said, "Well, if we get sick, at least this was worth it."  We made it a point to head over again during our trip.  (for the second meal, we tried the lemon pepper and bought a cream horn from Stillwell's bakery in Wailuku).   The truck is down the street past Whole Foods.  If you Google it, you'll find the exact directions.   


  1. KERRI! How nice to see you my dear! I see you have been enjoying a wonderful vacation! Ohhh how I love summer and I believe as I get older I enjoy it even more, with a child-like love. How can that be?

    MAGICAL POST as it takes us to the simple things in life that need to truly be savored to understand how short life really is, but oh so beautiful!


  2. oh gosh maui is my favorite island by far...this makes me want to go back! I lived in Honolulu for about six was wonderful!

    (come check out my blog all about color...I think you might enjoy I'm doing a camera bag giveaway that is pretty fun if i do say so myself *wink)


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