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Friday, July 20, 2012

Whoa! Now, I'm Awake

Ok, I've been in Maui now for almost a week.  We've done many of the touristy things- drove the road to Hana (make sure you leave at a decent hour to avoid returning in the dark- totally scary!)... snorkeling... sightseeing in Lahaina (declared a historic city- not just a house or a building but the whole city!)... tonight we're heading to a luau.  But in all of my wonderings I have yet to see anyone here wear a hawaiian shirt except for the tourists or someone who works in retail or at a hotel.  How can I tell the tourists?  Well, like me, they are walking around with a map, a camera and a sunburn.  So what I want to know is how on earth did the trend of wearing hawaiian shirts come about.  And for that matter stay?! I know back in the 50's they may have been all the rage but I think the beehive hairdo was also popular, AT THAT TIME.  For the guys wearing them.....  trust me they are not attractive.  I have yet to see one that is even remotely decent looking.  I've been to many of the tourist shopping places and there are tons of the things around. But it does not seem that one native wears them.  Maybe I've been to the wrong places.  Why do men back on the mainland think these are so attractive??  They can't use the excuse, "well the Hawaiians wear them."  Because they don't.  So men, PLEASE, the reason your wife, girlfriend is walking behind is not just to window shop, it's because she really doesn't want to be seen with you in public while you're wearing a tacky Hawaiian shirt.  So the next time you're at Costco, just walk quickly past the Hawaiian shirts and go for the bulk pack of polo shirts.  They'll look better and will go with everything.

(photos courtesy of Paradise Clothing Company and The Hana Shirt Company)

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