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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What did you do this summer? Part 2

The day started out as any other Cape Cod summer day- humid and hot.  The Cicadas were already humming but the sky was slightly overcast.  We woke early the morning of August 9th, around 8:00 in the morning.  Early for me during the summer.  Nigel made breakfast; eggs with cheese, bacon and toast while I painted my nails for the big day.  And of course, we had a large pot of tea.

I also picked flowers from our garden for my bouquet.  Various hydrangeas, cone flowers and Rudbeckia. We also ran to the grocery store for Baby's Breathe.  I combined the fresh flowers with the paper daisies.

Before noon, we dressed in grubbies and ran over to Town Hall to pick up our marriage certificate. Wow this was official!  Then we headed to The Tea Shoppe in Mashpee for our cake.  The baker did such a wonderful job! Vanilla cake with lemon curd filling.... so yummy!
Next, we trimmed the path where we would walking be down later . Nigel and I armed with rusty hedge clippers.  He proceeded to chop away at every living plant on the path including grass and dead leaves. :)  Didn't want anything sticking out that might get caught on my outfit. When all this was done, we decorated the path; hanging the banner, ribbons and other various decorations we worked so hard on. Of course, like any female decorating, I kept moving things around to find the perfect position.

With an hour and a half to spare.  We ran back to shower and dress. This is where I said goodbye to Starzyk and going to become a Quinnin.  The keep with tradition (the only thing we decided to do) was not to see each other until the ceremony. I dressed upstairs, Nigel got ready downstairs. The JP and photographer arrived. After the photos, Nigel and I ate dinner at Quick's Hole.  A little restaurant in Woods Hole that makes the BEST lobster burritos.  And celebrated with ice cream from Smitty's.  Thank goodness, Smitty finally showed up.  I was getting snickers from some of the girls behind the counter trying to figure out why I was all dressed up.  Hey, every now and then one needs to dress up on the Cape!  Haha   It was a wonderful day, a day that went by too fast but the memories will stay with us forever.  Love you Nigel!  Can't wait to see what adventures await us...

(photographs provided by Kat Hanafin)

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