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Monday, September 10, 2012

What did you do this summer? Part 1

"Well, I traveled, went to Maui....  the Cape to work on the house..... helped my family..... got married..... ran a race.... saw The Devers...   "What?!! You're married??!!!"

A week before we left for the Cape; we were eating dinner at my family's and while driving back home Nigel asked,  "Why don't you bring a dress while we're at the Cape and we'll get married."  "Are you serious?"  "Of course!"  I was so excited thinking of the possibility of getting married back in my home state, in my beloved Cape Cod.

The next day it hit me.... "I don't have a dress!!!"  Frantically, I started searching the web..... for two hours!  I finally realized I needed to bring in reinforcements; someone who knew the ins and outs of on-line shopping. But my sister was out of town...  haha, I called my Mum.  "Hi, what's up?" " If I was to tell you, hypothetically speaking of course, that while we were at the Cape we were going to get married, what would you say?"  My Mum answered, "What??!"  I quickly repeated myself only to hear, "Yes, I heard you.  I couldn't be happier and more thrilled."  I quickly led her to my Pinterest fashion board and showed her what I was hoping to wear.  Later that day, I was racing around to find a shirt, hair accessories, etc.  When I received an email on my smartphone from my Mum regarding a pair of shoes.

We ordered everything express delivery and within 3 days, I had the outfit I was going to wear.  Everything was just too easy.  We went to Paper Source and Michael's to buy possibly decorations, not that I knew how I was going to decorate. Here it was, my turn... after helping so many people with their weddings and baking their wedding cakes.  It was my turn, only to figure out, I had no idea what I was going to do!  But it all came out well, lucky I had a party board on Pinterest and also by checking out for wedding ideas.  Once we got the Cape, I showed Nigel where we were going to get married (such a sport for traveling to a strange state and just going with what I wanted. I should marry him :)  )

Over the next few days, we set out making decorations and going on our honeymoon to Nantucket (before the wedding). Hey, we did everything else backwards why change it now.  We came back the night before the wedding, where we sat up finishing everything else and Nigel calming me down that everything will look great.  And it did.  Stay tuned for more......

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