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Monday, March 4, 2013

Singing the Blues

Ok, I knew being pregnant would have it's ups and downs, well I knew most of what was to be expected. But no one said anything about it being near impossible to design a baby's room! When we found out that we were going to have a baby, we knew right away which room would be the baby's.  The problem is trying to figure out how to decorate it.  I've picked out the bed, a red crib from Newport Cottages and the bedding.

Isn't it absolutely perfect!!  Ok, so maybe I'm not having the problems that I first led you to believe.  The problem I'm having is picking out the color for the walls.  I could go cream but, I can't stand cream walls!  I thought of painting the room a shade of grey but thought it would look too drab. So now I'm leaning towards a typical color for boys- blue.

(In the bottom picture to the right is the ottoman that will be in the baby's room)
The paint sample was actually suggested to me by my Mum who is using it to paint the wood floors at her house. I'm leaning more towards a greyish-blue (the sunlight in the photo above is not helping you see the colors).  Basically, the decor is going to be British Invasion.  I would love to paint a mural on  ones of the walls of buildings found in London such as Parliment, Big Ben, The London Eye, The Gherkin Building, The London Tower, maybe some housing, a double decker bus, etc.  Similar to these...

I'd love for the mural to be this tall! 

Or maybe even something similar to this.  A full size wall map, wouldn't that be great!!

Though this would be cute too.

 What?  How big is the room?  10x10, why?  Well, I can't wait until it's done so I can show pictures.  I have a feeling that the mural will have to wait until after the baby is here...


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  1. Wood floors? How fun would it be to put the map on the floor!!!1 There's got to be a way...


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