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Monday, June 25, 2012

New Food Choice on the Cape

Usually when I think of the Cape, I think fresh seafood. Images of battered clams (strips only) and tender pieces of lobster come to mind.  But never would I think to come here and go to a British Pub for dinner. Now everyone knows that I LOVE anything British.  So why have I never ventured to the local British Pub? Because I never associated British food with the Cape.  But my Uncle suggested that we try it tonight and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised.  The deep red walls, pictures of Shakespeare and typical pub tables were very inviting and the service was really good. The menu had an eclectic selection such as: coconut encrusted chicken, pizza and traditional pub fare.  I went for the traditional British food (when in Rome... )  and ordered a Chicken and Leek pasty (same as the "a" in cat) with cheddar mashed potatoes and seasonal veggies (which were asparagus (not my fav)).   The potatoes were very tasty as well as the pasty.  I would highly recommend making a stop, located across from Falmouth Heights Beach.  And then when you are done, head over to Smitty's for some Peach or Cape Cod Crunch ice cream.

Check out the cute dishes (the rim of the dinner plate was painted with the Union Jack).  Sadly, they are not for sale (found out that I wasn't the only one to ask this question). 

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  1. Love those dishes we have to find out where they came from?.glad you enjoyed the pub!,


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